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There are two ways to obtain samples of my work: 1) view some articles on my LinkedIn page, or 2) request samples from the list below via phone or email.


You can view the follow sample articles on my LinkedIN page . Just click on    -  scroll down a little bit to the "Posts" section and you’ll see my 3 most recent articles. Click on "See more" and you'll see all of the articles I have posted there.
Note: The above samples on LinkedIn are text only with no embedded graphics - to get expanded versions, see list below

Request via Phone or Email

Call 360-670-2914 to discuss the types of samples you would like - I have hundreds from which to choose, so it's usually best if I find out what you specific area(s) of interest are and I'll be able to send you a sample.

Below is a list of some of the more popular blogs & articles people have requested -  if You'r interested in any of these, just order by 2 digit code

Articles and Blogs
A1 - The Internet Is Teaching Criminals How to Break Into Your Home
A2 – The Brews Brothers – Oregon Style (The McMenamins Story)
A3 - Business Networking Groups - Are You Marketing or Just Socializing?
A4 - Gasoline Alternative under $2 a Gallon!
A5 - Coconut Water – The Drink of Champions
A6 - Creativity: The Consummate Renewable Resource
A7 - Elon Musk - Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
A8 – AmericanCNG – Compresses Natural Gas, a Petroleum Alternative
A9 - Garbage Dumps – Ah, the Smell of Economic Recovery
A10 - High Gas Prices a Problem?
A11 - Unsolved Murder Cases – Who Pays the Price?
A12 - ERP Software – Making the Business Case
A13 - Sales vs. Marketing - What’s the Difference?
A14 – The Early Bird Gets the Worm – Start the Days with a Burst of Productivity
A15 - The New Environmentalists: Taxi Drivers??
A16 - When It Rains, They Pour – The Vancouver BeerFest

A17 - Triple the Fun on Your Next Cruise Vacation - For 50% less money

B1 – Inside the Minds of Rock Star CEOs – Chapter 5

Flyers  and  Brochures
F1 - Demand Driven Institute Half Day Seminar
F2 - ADT Security Systems - Tri-fold Brochure
F3 - DirecTV for less $$ than a Cup of Coffee a Day
F4 - Spinnaker Marketing Trifold Brochure
F5 – Handling Sales Objections Workshop
F6 - Closing More Sales Workshop

P1 - Repairing and Improving Your Credit Rating
P2 - Filing Bankruptcy, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly
P3 - Surviving Foreclosure  

Training Workshops
T1 – Basic Sales Training – DirecTV
T2 – How to Clear the Five Obstacles to Making a Sale
T4 – Closing Mores Sales – the Proven 7-Step Sales Process
T5 – Building Exterior Shell Training – Oregon Contractor’s Board

White Papers
W1 – CNG vs. Other Vehicle Fuels

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