I am on a quest (getting tired of the word Mission) to help small/medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs and rising-star employees increase their income.

Almost born with a pen in my hand, I have been producing high quality written works for many years. Having been a long time business writer, I have always had a passion and a flare for the written word. Whether technical or non-technical, serious or humorous, light or heavy, academic or whimsical, creative or unadorned, I can write effectively for an extremely wide variety of audiences. From one-page flyers to manuscripts of several hundred pages to complete books - and everywhere in between - I can handle projects of any size. Writing blog posts and website content are my most common projects.

All Things Technical and Non-Technical
During my years in the corporate world, I built an impressive track record with my ability to frame technical subjects in terms laypersons can easily comprehend. I did not limit myself to the technical world, but parlayed that skill into other areas I pursued: sales and marketing, management consulting, career advancement and a wide variety of industry specialties.


Rather than producing works in a verbose, boilerplate style, I developed the skill to cut through the fluff and get to the point clearly and concisely.

The Reader Comes First

I have a great appreciation for the time value of the reader and develop written works that are economical with words and rich in content at the same time. Through ghostwriting, I have helped many business people improve their standing in their industry and with their superiors, subordinates, peers and associates with stellar written output.

In the marketing arena, I create compelling content and marketing collateral, sales scripts, product and service overviews, and assorted other specialties.


No Blah, Blah, Blah
In all my writing assignments, I get away from the typical blandness of paragraph after paragraph of average sounding words and phrases. Unless the assignment demands a pure scholarly approach, I sprinkle creative ideas, relative humor and fun graphics throughout my works to keep the hold the attention of readers who might otherwise have their thoughts distracted

Here’s a sampling of my skill spectrum:

Ghostwriter, Blog Writer, Web Content Writer, Copywriter, Copy-editor, Freelance Writer, PowerPoint Presentation Developer, Public Speaker, Workshop Presenter

Ghostwriter, Web Content Writer, Blog Writer, Freelance Writer & Copy-Editor  – Serving Clients Nationwide from Portland, OR

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